The Royal Schouten Group, which began back in 1893 as a local bakery, grew into an international commodities trader during the 20th century. This growth was characterised in particular by the continued expansion of activities in transport, storage capacity, handling capacity and production facilities for the processing of raw materials. In the early 21st century, The Royal Schouten Group decided to focus on a wider range of activities because of the changes in the financial markets. Royal Schouten Group is a proud family business; proud of its rich history, leading customers and talented employees. They are what make our future a rosy one, and who put us in a position to exploit the right opportunities.

The Royal Schouten Group has a rich history, throughout which we have identified and exploited new opportunities and developments in changing markets, and incorporated them in strategic relationships. The Royal Schouten Group’s current position is a consequence of the extremely valuable commitment, integrity and loyalty of our employees and business partners. We are always on the lookout for business partners who share our attitude, in other words people who really go for what they believe in, with courage in their hearts and an eye on the future, yet responsible and reliable at the same time. These are the traditions of the Royal Schouten Group.

Today, RSG is a family company where enterprise is a high priority. This is reflected in our wide range of activities:

To help us shape our future, we are looking for talented, energetic and motivated people. We are great believers in pulling together, both with our business partners and our employees. To be able to collaborate in this way, you must have an entrepreneurial and customer-orientated attitude, and be aware of how important it is to be reliable. If these are qualities you recognise in yourself, we will give you every opportunity to develop and grow your talents. Working at the Royal Schouten Group, in a versatile, exciting and above all dynamic environment, is not for everyone. We demand results and business acumen from our employees. Would you like to find out if you fit the bill? Send us an email at